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Debbie Lawrence ITEC.MCD(arom) Reiki Master Teacher

The Holistic Therapy Centre

Myrrophore or “mistress of the oils”, is an ancient group of women skilled in the art of healing with sacred oils. A Myrrophore knows the personality of the oils she works with, she communicates with the plants and essences she uses, connects to their spirit and soul.

One of the most well-known Myrrophores from history is Mary Magdalene, who it is said embalmed Jesus’ body after his death and prepared his physical vessel for healing and rebirth.

Mary Magdalene is a guide Olwen works very closely with and during our session she will channel a message from Mary Magdalene for our group!

Debbie will lead you further into your oil alchemy journey by taking you on a guided journey to meet the Myrrophore sisters from your ancient lineage. Then working with Myrrh known as the oil of Mother Earth you will connect with the essence of the oil to find out what healing and guidance she wants to bring to you at this time.

After your guided journey we will explore the physical and emotional properties of the oil from the textbooks and compare it to the guidance we receive as a group on the night.

During the session you will learn about:-

✨ The history of Myrrophore’s.

✨ Connect with the Myrophore’s from your lineage.

✨ Tune into the essence of Myrrh – The Oil of Mother Earth for the guidance she wants to bring.

✨ Receive a channelled message from Mary Magdalene through Olwen.

✨ Learn about the physical and emotional properties of Myrrh.

✨ As a group we will discuss the insights gained and compare them to the textbook physical and emotional information on the oil (there’s no wrong answer)

The cost of this session (UK residents only) is £25 and includes your 5ml roller bottle of Myrrh which will be posted to you before the event, entry to our live call and a recording of the guided pathway meditation for your ongoing development.

If you want to join with your own Myrrh oil or are not in the UK we have reduced the price to £20. Just choose the £20 ticket option on checkout.