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Debbie Lawrence ITEC.MCD(arom) Reiki Master Teacher

The Holistic Therapy Centre

Marlow Crystal Meditation Club

If you enjoy learning about crystals and their metaphysical properties you might like to join my Crystal Meditation Club.


The Crystal Meditation Club is a monthly crystal meditation evening that runs online.

Join a group of like-minded people that meet once a month, with an interest in crystals and the different metaphysical properties they bring.

Each month we will have a different ‘stone of the month’ and corresponding 'oil of the month' – you will start by choosing your crystal, learn about the properties of this crystal. Working with you chosen crystal and oil you take part in a guided meditation to connect with the energy of the both.


Each month you will take home your crystal, some essential oil and a copy of the meditation covered at that session.


As your collection of crystals & oils grow, so will your knowledge of crystal healing and natural healing using the precious gifts of the earth.


£15 per session.


Included in the cost will be your crystal and essential oil each month and link to the crystal meditations experienced in the class.

If you would like to join a group, please call or email me to book your space.